Storm to Threaten Our Region

October 25, 2012. As hurricane Sandy continues to move across the Atlantic the National Weather Service and National Hurricane center continue to closely monitor the storm. As of this posting there is a significant chance that this storm will impact our area in some form. Because of the every changing nature of the storm we are going to be posting all updates onto our Facebook page. Please keep an eye on our page for the latest and most up to date storm information. In addition please check out the National Hurricane Centers Website at We also recommend you check out for information on how to prepare for the strom if the need and time arises. 

Hurricane Sandy


Now Accepting Online Donations

In preparation of the 2012 TRS Fundraiser and to become more concurrent with todays technology, the Squad is now accepting online donations through Paypal. This will make donating to the Squad even easier than before as there is no need to return our mailer - just simply visit our site and you are done in seconds! Thank you in advanced for your support.

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9-11-01 - NEVER FORGET

As we approach the 11th anniversary of September 11th 2001, a horrific day that will forever be ingrained in our memories. We ask that you take some time to pause and remember those who perished that day during the attacks on our country, and offer your support to those who continue to fight to protect us and our freedoms that we value so much. 9-11 - NEVER FORGET



Rehab and Ambulance Respond to Shamong Dwelling Fire

Thursday July 27, 2012 Shortly after 7:00 P.M. Rehab 439 was dispatched as part of the working fire dispatch to 3 Minisink Trail in Shamong Twp for the dwelling fire. Chief 2800 was on location with heavy fire in the garage of a two story single family home. Rescue 4399, Rehab 4398, and Ambulance 4394 all responded on the assignment and upon arrival Rehab 4398 was setup on the front lawn of the home. The rehab rotated several of the first alarm companies in rehab and stood by until being released by command shortly before 8:30 pm.   

Photos: Ed Sheasley/George Gerber Jr.

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Paramedic Affiliate Training

July 27, 2012  At 6:30 P.M. today members of the Tabernacle Rescue Squad, Shamong EMS, and Lumberton Emergency Squad gathered at station 439 to participate in the Paramedic Affiliate program. This program covered the equipment and supplies carried by the Virtua Paramedics. In addition to the equipment the members were afforded the opportunity to participate in practicing starting an IV, intubating a patient, and hooking up the heart monitor. This was a great opportunity for everyone to learn so new skills and also how we can affectedly assist Virtua paramedics on the scene of calls. As you may or may not know the Virtua Paramedics are dispatched to any life threatening injury that occurs throughout Burlington County. A lot was learned and many members walked away with a new understanding of their role in assisting the paramedics.

Photos: David Klotz

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Annual Chicken Bar-B-Q

Members of the Tabernacle Rescue Squad would like to thank everyone who came out to support us at our Annual Chicken BBQ.  The BBQ was a huge success. We look forward to next years BBQ and hope everyone will come out once again to make it another huge success.

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