Shamong Second Alarm

August 29th, 2009 At 05:04 hours Taskforce 2810, Stations 289, 371, 431, & RIT 252 were dispatched to 7 Shawnee Trail for a reported dwelling fire. C2800 arrived to find a 2 1/2 story wood frame single family dwelling with heavy fire from the garage and first floor. C2800 requested the "All Hands" bringing additional units to the scene including Rehab 439. R4399(w/4) responded and upon arrival was backed into the next door neighbor’s driveway. The crew went to work setting up the rehab chairs and other rehab equipment in the neighbor’s yard. The crew stood by and as firefighters came in there vitals were taken and they were monitored before being released to continue working. The rehab stood by for several hours before being released by command. While returning from the call the station was dispatched for a medical call and the crew from the Rehab responded back to the station and staffed the ambulance to handle the call.


Southampton Trench Rescue

August 27th, 2009 At 12:54 hours Stations 178,, 179, 172, 493, 431, Rescues 171, Rescue 439, and Medics were dispatched to 27 Chelsea Place for a rescue assignment. Chief 1720 marked up and was advised of a male who was in a 6 foot deep trench buried up to his knees and that time Cherry hill Rescue 3 was also dispatched per the technical rescue protocol. C1720 and E1723 arrived and advised they had one in a 6 foot deep trench. R4399(w/5) arrived to find the same and the crews immediately went to work setting up cribbing, ropes, and the trench rescue setup for the Paratech rescue struts into a staging area for the arrival of the technical rescue teams. While this was going on command requested additional resources from Evesham, Waterford, & Mercer County TF801. A4392 arrived during the initial stages of the incident and there crew went to work setting up Rehab on the front lawn of the neighbor’s lawn. Rescue 2218(Evesham) and Rescue 3(Cherry Hill) both arrived simultaneously and took over the rescue operations. After the arrival of the technical rescue teams all crews who were not certified in trench rescue operations were put into the manpower pool and used for various other functions on the scene. As the incident progressed both teams were later supplemented by Waterford Township Fire's Technical Team, as well as Mercer Counties Technical Rescue team and NJ Task Force 1 with Virtua Paramedics providing patient care. Most trench operations are labor, time and equipment intensive. This rescue proved to be just as intensive and the patient was finally freed at around 5:45pm, more than 5 hours after the original call to 911. This incident required a team effort by all of those involved and thanks to everyone’s efforts this situation had a positive outcome.


Crews Respond to Reported Drowning

August 17th, 2009 At 14:36 hours TF43 and Medic 33 where dispatched to Camp Inawendiwin for a reported drowning victim. C4390, A4392, U4393 all marked up immediately after dispatch. All units were notified by communications that it was reported to be a 7 year old who was down in the pool and now had been removed with a doctor on location performing CPR. C4390 and U4393 arrived to find the patient out the pool conscious and breathing. C4390 requested the helicopter to fly and directed MP4317 to setup a Landing zone on Fox Chase road in the field. A4392 arrived the patient was turned over to them for transport to the Landing zone. A4392 and medics transported the Patient to the Landing zone where the patient was turned over to the crew from Southstar for transport to a local trauma center. All units cleared the call at 14:55 hours.

Units that responded :

C4390, A4392, U4393, A4394, MP4317, E4311, Medic 33 & Medic 300


Rehab Special Called to Medford Lakes Severe Storms

July 31st, 2009 Just after 5 p.m., a quiet summer afternoon in Burlington County became quite busy as severe storms moved quickly though the area, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and lightning. As additional calls came in to the Burlington County 911 center and units reported multiple roads were blocked with downed trees and wires, the situation escalated and C2510 assumed incident command. C2510 reported damage was widespread in an approximate area of Medford Lakes Boro and boarding Medford Twp. As things continued to esclate R4399 was special called to Station 371 to setup a rehab area. R4399 (w/5) arrived and stood by until the arrival of the Red Cross and Cherry Hill Canteen 13-8. Multiple agencies responded to the Medford Lakes area to assist, including Fire, Ems, Police, Public Works, the American Red Cross and PSE&G. According to the National Weather Service the damage was caused by "straight-line winds," not a tornado. Straight-line winds are strong downbursts of air from a thunderstorm that often involve winds of 60 to 100 mph. This phenomenon sometimes is called a "microburst." Nothing on weather radar indicated a rotating storm, NWS officials said.


Rehab Special Called to Southampton Dwelling

July 28th, 2009 At 17:40 hours TF1724, RIT251, R292, and Q431 were dispatched to 14 Stage Coach Road for a reported Dwelling Fire. Crews arrived on location with a working fire in a rear bed room. R4399 was inatally dispatched to cover Staion 172 however was redirected into the scene to preform Rehab duties due to the weather conditions. R4399 arrived and crews handed out bottle water. R4399 cleared the scene at 19:33 hours.


Quarry Rescue

July 18th, 2009 At 14:27 hours TF43 was dispatched to Ward Sand and Gravel pit for a fall victim. Station 178 was initially dispatched on the call for a fall victim at Route 70 and Burrs Mill Road. It was determinate that the call was in the quarry and 1780 requested TF43 added to the assignment. With the members in station for the chicken barbeque R4399 (w/3), A4394, and U4393(w/2) with Marine 439 where on the street immediately. C4300 Marked up and based on reports requested R221 added to the assignment as well as Southstar to fly. With a corrected location of Ward Sand and Gravel Central added District 29 and Stations 184 & 188 due to the quarry being in Woodland TWP. Upon arrival crews found a Male laying approximately 25 - 30 ft down from the top of the pit. Crews were able to access the patient via a slope that lead down to the patient. Once access was gained the incident was scaled back to R4399, U4393, Medic 33, C1780, C4300, C1720, and E1841. Crews packaged the patient into a stokes basket and carried him up the slope and into 1785 for transport to the L.Z. Southstar was able to land in the quarry and the patient was turned over to the flight crew for transport to a local trauma center.


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